There is nothing worse than coming to a meeting that could of been handled via email. […]
In this video I discuss the cheapest way to go to college. There a happy medium […]
This is a topic I have written about extensively on my personal website ( As of […]
See Part 1 and Part 2 here. The first part goes through life before getting your […]
See Part 1 and Part 3 here. Part 1 discusses what life is like before your […]
In this video I reflect on my experiences before getting my PhD and now that I […]
Nothing drives me more crazy than email attachments. They take up tons of space and are […]
My review of Disney+. Are you using it? Did you get it right away and are […]
Yes, I did review my 1989 Gameboy. It’s sitting on display in my office so I […]
Yep, this topic again. I am not sure the madness will ever stop but watch the […]

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