Interview with Disaster Epidemiologist Dr. K.C. Rondello on Coronavirus ‘Selected’ topics/times:
*What is Epidemiology? – 1:17
*Why do recommendations keep changing? (Mask recommendations, how the virus is spread) – 6:00
*What is the mortality rate and is it changing? Did we overestimate the death rate? Immune system boosting: 23:00
*Are hospitals profiting from Covid? Covid being put on a death certificates 33:54
*H1N1 and other pandemics. Models of Covid compared. Predictions of Virus. 43:50
*Low risk vs high risk activities: 54:14
*Should we continue social distancing? 59:20
*Will we have school in the Fall: 1:02:01
*Should we go out and get tested for antibodies right now? 1:04:38
*What sources should we be looking at for reliable information on Covid – 1:09:53



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